Shipping Lithium batteries, is it possible?

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Lithium batteries have become one of the most basic products in our life. We only remember their presence when their autonomy is low, but in our sector we care about them daily since they are dangerous articles. Due to ignorance, it often happens that a device or battery needs to be removed from a box, which costs money and can stop a shipment. Want to know which lithium batteries you can send and how? Read on.

Why are lithium batteries considered hazardous in transportation?

Lithium batteries are designed to deliver high levels of energy. That’s why the electrical power in these batteries is significant. If there’s a short circuit, it generates a lot of heat. Add that to its chemical components and it can cause a fire.

These reactions may be triggered by faulty mounting or design, or even by external damage. For this reason, lithium battry transport is regulated by organizations like IATA (International Air Transport Association).

So, can I ship lithium batteries? What if I want to send my laptop?

Regulation in this respect regards lithium batteries as hazardous material. This means that in some cases there are serious restrictions, but the regulations are also adapted to capacity. The most common small size batteries have different standards than those of high capacity. Keep in mind that it also varies according to type of battery and shipping with or without equipment.

The first thing to do to prepare a shipment of a lithium battery is to pack it properly, making sure that it is isolated from any other item using non-conductive materials such as plastics. Make sure that the terminals and conductors are protected with non-conductive tapes. In addition, it is required to have padded protection to protect it from physical damage and to use non-soft wrappings (such as cardboard boxes).

Finally, add an informational content label, since some batteries, such as lithium metal, are banned in passenger aircraft. Then, depending on the power, capacity and weight, the package will have certain restrictions. It is always mandatory to use informational labels.

Finally, if the batteries go inside a computer, they have more restrictions because they pose a greater risk. Whenever you can, remove the battery from your device. If you can’t extract it, you must include some security documents that the transport company will provide you.

If you have any questions regarding the delivery of electronic devices with lithium batteries, want more information or a quote, contact us by email or call one of our telephone numbers.

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