Shipping pallets. Much easier than you think!

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transporte-de-palets-envio-shipping-pallets-paletizado-palletizin-preparation-sea-freight-carga-maritimaShipping pallets shows that not all shipments are the same, each has very specific characteristics . It is not the same to do a local delivery  or to send a vehicle in a container across the Atlantic. So keep reading as we are going to explain one of the best ways to send a lot of packages: using pallets.

Palletizing boxes is a way to package and carry out a very special delivery that has a whole series of advantages and disadvantages, but it is extremely recommended in a number of cases. Making a shipment of many boxes does not mean it is necessary to send a pallet, but it is usually highly recommended. Shipping pallets is mandatory when preparing sea freight shipments.

Shipping pallets: sizes and budgets

When you are shipping pallets there are several details that affect the budget. The first is that the quotation will be calculated on the total size and weight, so the weight and volume of the pallet will be included. An average pallet weights 15kgs and its measures will depend on the type, the European standard is 120x80x15cm while the american is 120x100x15cm. You must also think about how you organize your items on the pallet, as a tall and thin item can make you pay for a lot of empty space. Try always to leave as less volume empty as possible.

There is an alternative to large pallets called half pallets, they are very useful to make us of all the space if you can’t fill a standard size pallet.

How to prepare pallets for shipments

When palletizing (it means to put the load on the pallet) organize the items alternating them to provide a greater stability and preventing overhanging. So there is lesser risk of scratches and bumps. After this you must use retractable plastic to wrap and fix everything on the pallet.

Advantages of shipping pallets

There are important advantages in shipping pallets. First of all, the packages are grouped, so there is less risk of loss, theft or breakage. It is more comfortable because you will get all of the packets at the same time and it’s easier to track.

If you have to send a lot of packages, using a pallet is more economic and reliable. It has been a great tool for transport trucks and warehouses and has introduced a standard mechanization of logistics. It helps to carry several heavy loads without relying on physical effort of works. It has improved the health of many workers and opened a door to women in the sector.

But as always, there are some drawbacks in using pallets. As it is meant to be used in sea and land freight (trucks) it’s not as fast as other ways of shipping. Deliveries and collections are done on the street, so we never get them to or from an apartment. If you don’t have a place to prepare a pallet and leave it there for collection, you can hire a store or a warehouse that handles pallets.

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