Shipping services to Israel, an economic pole in the Middle East

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We have recently incorporated a new agent in Tel Aviv, one more step in our plans to offer the best international services. From this location, the management of shipping services to Israel has improved, as well as freight and imports from Israel towards Spain. In this way we cover the existing demand in transport to and from this Mediterranean country.

Israel is a great economic pole in the Middle East, for its economic and industrial development. Be that as it may, Israel is a country with a strong economy. Despite its limited natural resources, it has generated a large industrial sector and has an intensive agriculture, being a self-sufficient country in food production. It is also a country that generates a good number of imports, mainly machinery and capital goods. A large part of its economy is based on the manufacture of chemical, pharmaceutical and technological products.

Israel, a small country with great infrastructure

Israel’s distances are obviously short. It is a small country, but with particularly good infrastructure. With a wide network of roads and motorways, it is easy to navigate by land transportation. In addition, it has good railway infrastructure for both passenger and cargo, connecting hubs to the main harbours.

Israel has changed the old ports of Yafro and Acre, betting on 3 large capacity ports: Haifa, Ashdod and Eilat. The first of these is one of the most important in container ports in the Mediterranean Sea. Eilat’s is not as large as the first two, but its location in the Red Sea makes it interesting to connect Israeli exports to the rest of Asia and the southern hemisphere.

As for air freight, we find Ben-Gurion International Airport (TLV) near Tel Aviv. It is a constantly growing airport with lots of connections between Asia and the West, especially towards Europe and the United States.

From a customs point of view, the imports agency of the State of Israel is modern, agile and very efficient. Israel is within the preferential agreements of the European Union, so the import and export of products originated in the country have tariff benefits when imported into the European Union and vice versa. It’s an easy procedure: you have to issue an EUR 1 certificate when preparing customs clearance or issue a formal declaration on the invoice.

Our shipping services to Israel

The presence of a new agent in Tel Aviv allows us to offer all transportation services to Israel. All these services include any type of administrative and customs management that they may need.

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