Shipping suitcases: it is possible but there are better options

By 18 July, 2013August 11th, 2022Tips, Luggage

envio-de-maletas-embalado-embalaje-proteccion-mudanza-traslado-efectos-personales-viaje-equipaje-suitcase-moving-luggage-personal-effects-DESTACADOIn this blog we have already told you how to ask for a budget and how to pack up and protect a shipment, so now it is time to tell you something about shipping luggage. We always recommend boxes instead of suitcases, because of its numerous advantages already recollected by us in other blog posts. Nevertheless, we know that now it is the time for Holidays, long trips and returns with unexpected luggage, so we understand that, sometimes it is inevitable to ship a suitcase, so that is why we are doing this special post about shipping luggage.

We remind you that suitcases are made to be carried by humans, not to be treated as a package by carriers and logistics centers. You should know that during the journey it will be surrounded by another boxes and it will pass through multiple automatic circuits that are designed to provide a fast distribution. Then, our first recommendation will be that when shipping suitcases becomes a must, use always a rigid one and avoid suitcases made with fabric or flexible materials (though this last thing can change depending on the content). We say that to be sure that your things are well protected and because rigid suitcases resist better the journey’s bustle. In addition, the labels and stickers that are used to identify suitcases while their distribution tend to fall from fabric suitcases.

If your suitcase has external elements, you must protect them. Wheels, handles and other external pieces are totally exposed, therefore are subjected to the travel’s bustle and can easily break. In fact, when shipping luggage we recommend you to put the suitcase inside a cardboard box, so you can send it well protected.

A couple of advices for properly shipping luggage

As always, make sure you don’t overload your suitcase, it could break because of the excess weight.

Fragile articles must be protected individually and separately, with bubble wrap or special materials. Clothes don’t protect fragile articles.

If you can’t send the suitcase in a box you can protect it with a thick plastic film label as the ones used in airports.

The label must be very visible, in the boxes as much as in suitcases. Every label must be firmly glued on the suitcase. Use transparent duct tape but never adhesive tape.

And as always, even if its summer or winter, for any doubt regarding your shipments we are at your disposal. Send us an email or dial +34 985 35 33 31. Ask us for services regarding shipping luggage and… ¡¡Happy Holidays!!