Shipping to Czech Republic, an example from Prague to Barcelona

As a member of the European Union we can declare that we do all kind of shipping to Czech Republic services. Today we invite you to read about the experience of Elisenda, a Media and Communication student at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She was an Erasmus last year in the Czech Republic.

First of all, how did you find us?

I discovered you thanks to a publication that an Erasmus fellow posted in our Facebook froup. He recommended your company as he went back to Spain on February and had a great experience with you. So I clicked on the link he posted and found it was an entry to your blog about tips for Erasmus shipments. I liked the post and saw you wanted to help clients with their shipments. So I immediately saved the link, in a way to get it back just in case I needed your tips by the end of my Erasmus classes.


What pushed you to make your shipping from Czech Republic with us? What kind of shipping you had to do?

More than 25kgs pushed me to do that shipping as it wouldn't fit in my suitcase. Luckily I remembered that I had saved your post. It helped me to make a quick comparison with other shipping companies. I decided to send it with you as I saw you had special discounts for students and young people and that you were recommended by other Erasmus students in many forums. Finally I had to send a box because lowcost flight companies are trouble when having baggage overweight.

How was your first impression? What would you highlight?

Proximity and caring, you gave me a feeling of close attention comforting but professional. In other larger companies I feel distant but with LA LUNA shipping® I felt close to the workers. It was great that you gave me a lot of tips and information during the whole process, they really helped.

Was it as you expect? Would you recommend us? Any funny stories?

Yes , it was! I recommend you because (as I said) you are helpful and caring. And about the stories... I've got tow (not bad for a first shipment). First one: It was not easy to find boxes in Prague. I thought it would be much easier but I had to go through all the city looking at cardboard containers until I found one. I could not believe it was so difficult for the Czechs to understand why I needed a box!

Second one makes me feel a little bit guilty. I acknowledge that I barely read your recommendations. So I ordered the shipment the day before I had to leave. As you told me I had to be at home (or someone else) waiting and making sure that the messenger would no have any troubles. Luckily everything was done perfectly and the package got home earlier than I expected. The truth is that I appreciate all the help and effort that you put in to make my package travel home, I learned a lot with you .

Will you come back to use our services ?

If I ever need to send anything I will. I was really scared about sending my stuff but your help gave me a lot of confidence and trust. Maybe I'll be shipping to Czech Republic some stuff for my friends there. Thank you!


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