Shipping to Dubai, the pearl of the Middle East


United Arab Emirates are known for the huge wealth they have extracted from their land. But if there is one of the emirates that shows off their fortune it is Dubai.

The small region located in the Persian Gulf has enjoyed throughout its history of being the centre of many trade routes. Some people call it “the Venice of the Gulf.” It began by selling pearls to the world, but in the 60s their greatest symbol radically changed its colour: oil. But despite being a major exporter of black gold, the emirate’s economy flows between construction, trade and financial services, and some tourism.

The great infrastructures of Dubai

The city of Dubai is increasingly recognizable by its skyscrapers, among which are Burj Al Arab, the sets of artificial islands “The World” and “The Palms” and, of course, Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, over 800 meters high. Channels, the desert, a Formula 1 track, one of the largest and most important airport in the world, the largest mall in the world… We could be naming all the amazing buildings that have been made in recent decades until we reach Jebel Ali, the world’s largest harbour.

All of this makes Dubai one of the great logistics hubs of the world. Dubai is relevant for its location as Pier of the Middle East and much part of Asia.

Our shipping services to Dubai

LA LUNA shipping® offers a variety of airfreight services and sea freight as it has become one of the most popular destinations.

Very urgent shipments require international courier services “air courier”, we guarantee delivery of documents and parcels on the day and time agreed, providing an online tracking service permanently.

Our main service is airfreight, direct flights from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​all goods arrive to Dubai overnight. Once at the airport, our agent coordinates arrival, import customs clearance and delivery.

For heavy items, we recommend sea freight. A transport suitable for 1 cubic meter or 300 kilos. Transit time is 24 days. From the ports of Valencia and Barcelona to Jebel Ali and Dubai.

We also offer vehicle transport. We ship a full exclusive container for our customers who also can take advantage of the extra space with more personal items.

If you have any questions regarding our shipping services to Dubai or want to ask for a quotation, contact us at or calling to our phone numbers.


  • Ijaz Ali says:

    Hi 8 Cartons each weight nearly 10kg to be picked up from Barcelona and delivered to Dubai (Naif Road).
    Please assist for delivery time and prices


    Ijaz Ali

    • LA LUNA shipping says:


      We’ve received your e-mail and we will answer you shortly. Thanks a lot for contacting us.

    • Fida abla says:

      Hi 2 boxes of 10 kg each, to Abu Dhabi. How much per Kg, and how long till they reach? Do you deliver to Abu Dhabi from Barcelona ?

      • LA LUNA shipping says:

        Good morning Fida,

        We need more information for your quotation request. We need this info:
        – Boxes’ dimensions
        – Boxes’ weight (as you’ve already told us)
        – Detailed pick-up and delivery adresses information.

        Send us a mail to or call us.

        Thank you!

  • elliott hayes says:

    Do you handle refrigerated containers? This would be from Valencia or Barcelona to Dubai, one full container per month.
    Thank you.

  • Javier Aponte says:

    I’m interested in send a bag (40 kg) to Spain Valladolid city. I would like to know if do you can do it. I’m living in Abu Dhabi
    Best regards

    • LA LUNA shipping says:

      Hello Javier,

      Buenos días! 😉

      In order to offer you a proper service we need to know some more details about the shipment. Please send us a mail to and we will help you quickly. The details we need to know are:
      – Detailed adresses (pickup and delivery).
      – Weight of the package (you already told us that is 40kgs)
      – Measures of the package.
      – Priority.

      Thanks for contacting us!

  • Thanks for sharing great info!

  • Phuong9705 says:

    We want to pick up 10 tons sport shoes at Schiphol from Jabel Ali. Can you give me the quotation?? What should we do when we receive the goods in Amsterdam?
    Thanks&best regard

  • Dauren Kairzhanov says:

    Hi, i have large case (10kg).
    How much is delivery from Barcelona to Dubai?
    I left it in my house just yerterday…

    • LA LUNA shipping says:

      Hello Dauren,

      In order to offer you the best price we need more information regarding this service. Please send an e-mail to with these details:
      – Size of the case
      – Pick-up and Delivery adress (as detailed as possible).

      Thank you.

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