Shipping to Norway, vikings and fjords

To the north, where the sea water can freeze and where the sun doesn't set during the summer and doesn't show during the winter. But still the sky gets its northern lights. Near the Arctic Ocean and stretching alongside its "sister" Sweden Norway received its name for being the "road to the North" or by its orography "along the coast". Appropriate his name where applicable, is our chosen destination of the week, one of the world's richest countries, keep reading and discover our shipping to Norway services.

The Kingdom of Norway is one of the world's richest countries, occupying the third position in the range of GDP. A wealth given by it its nature, having a great production of petroleum, hydropower, fisheries and minerals, among many others. They have a strong welfare state that distributes wealth among the population, and that is why Norway is the country with the highest human development index and one of those who top every year happiness rankings. It is not surprising that it is one of the favorite destinations for inmigrants looking for a job abroad and for a growing number of Erasmus students. Despite the fact that the country voted twice not to be a part of the European Union, it belongs to the European Economic Area and the European Association of Free Trade Agreement (EFTA).

Norway has an increase in the shortage of qualified personnel in different fields. Nowadays they are missing the following qualified professionals: engineers (especially in computer technology, technical design, electrical and mechanical engineering), preschool teachers, bakers, butchers, bioengineers, pharmacists, cooks, textile dyers and many other professions.

As a general rule, employers require knowledge of Norwegian and other Scandinavian language. But in some areas English may be enough.

The EEA agreement allows people looking for employment, students and freelancers who come from other countries to the EEA to reside, work and study in Norway without a work permit.

The agreement covers all the EU countries (Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria and Greece) and the countries of the European Association of free trade (EFTA) Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

Expatriate workers have the same rights as Norwegian citizens regarding wages, conditions of work, vocational training, social security and trade union membership. Their families will also have right of residence in Norway and will enjoy the same rights.

In terms of transportation and infrastructure, thought the country has low population density and a complex orography it has developed a good railway system, although in recent years has increased its use and investments. And despite being a country with a long coast, they don't usually use seafreight, (because of high prices), in fact it has an extensive and carefully selected network of roads and motorways. Airlift has 98 airports, being Oslo, the most important of them all.

Shipping to Norway, our courier and parcel services:

Courier and parcel economy for documents and packages up to 40kg (each) and recommended and maximum measures of 60x40x40cm, in a time of only 3 or 4 working days.

Shipping to Norway we also offer our Urgent Delivery Package Service for documents and packages of up to 65kg or 0.26 cubic metres with a single day of transit. Both urgent and economy services are only held in Norway in international services.

If you need of a service that allows you to carry a lot of boxes and packages we offer you the possibility of grouping them on pallets. It is the most economical way to make large shipments. Every Friday we ship from Barcelona to Oslo, 4 to 5 transit days.

You can also ask for air cargo at the main airports of Norway: Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, among others.

Land freight for import and export services. Although container transportation services apply only to large industrial shipments.

As we indicated previously, Norway is not part of the European Union and for this reason all shipments are subject to clearance of export and import customs clearance once they arrive to Norway. Although few shipments have to pay, keep in mind that the Norwegian VAT is about 25%.

For further information shipping to Norway, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries.

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