Shipping to Greece, the blue land

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When we think about shipping to Greece, we recall the sea, or seas, since there are so many that bathe its coastline. Its shores (yes plural) are found in the Mediterranean, but in turn the Ionian, the Aegean, the Cretan, the Libyan, and even the Adriatic seas. We call Malta the most Mediterranean country and Italy as the land of beauty. But, let’s talk about the Hellenic Republic, its official name. A small nation with a lot to offer.

Greece’s location is prime

Greece has always had a strategic benefits thanks to its location, it is between Europe, Asia, and Africa. Its lands border Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Turkey. This privileged location has mark the land with traits of a shared history between early civilizations and the last empires: Minoan, Spartan, Egyptian, Phoenician, among many (but many) others who above all have furrowed their seas.

Greece is a coast country

envíos a GreciaGreece is made up of peninsulas, bays, headlands, coves, straights, beaches, and islands, a lot of islands.  In fact, there are some 6,000 islands in Greece, of which 227 are inhabited. This makes it a country with very complex and capillary logistics. And what makes it more difficult to understand is that most of its territory is hilly.

This rugged and maritime orography generates some of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe, which makes Greece a great tourist destination, its main commercial engine. And of course with such an extensive coastline, Greece has an important maritime industry. The Hellenic country controls 15 percent of the capacity of the World Merchant Fleet, the largest in the world.

Shipments to Greece through LA LUNA

As a member country of the European Union, our transportation and logistic services to and from Greece are comprehensive: urgent messaging, parcel services, air, sea, and land freight services. LA LUNA shipping® offers you any service you need to the Hellenic country. To any point in their territory and always on time.

If need shipping services to or from Greece, have any doubts, or you want to ask for a quote, call us or send an email to

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