envios-a-irlanda-shipping-to-ireland-international-transportation-services-transporte-internacional-DESTACADOSailing from the Cantabrian Sea towards the north, we find a large island dominated by the green. We mean the land of the Celts, a small country with a spotty recent history closely linked to economic swings. And nowadays a major destination for many Spanish. Welcome to Ireland, which from its resemblance could compare with Asturias, the country of the dark beer, the leprechauns and the four leaf clovers.

Ireland is a unique land, most of the country is agricultural but its economy (which grew at an unprecedented rate until the arrival of the global financial crisis) is now linked to manufacturing and especially the service sector. By its very low taxes, many large multinationals use the island as a business center for Europe. As it’s part of the EU has free trade agreements with other partner countries. It’s capital, Dublin, exceeds one million and a half inhabitants, while the other more populated areas barely reach 100,000.

As for transportation, Ireland has barely developed means of transport such as railways, that is highly centralized to Dublin. It has 4 airports of some importance, especially in the capital, Dublin (DUB) where a large numbers of passengers moves because it is the hub of some of the major low cost airlines in Europe. Maritime transport has great importance especially for the export and import volume of goods moving in the country, being the most important ports of Dublin and Cork.

Ireland is the destination of many Erasmus students, or who choose this country to improve their English as well as people who have moved for work, has long been one of the countries where LA LUNA shipping offers the following services:

  • Courier economy, for documents and packages weighing up to 40kg (each) and maximum recommended measures 60x40x40cm. Transit time of 3 to 4 working days.
  • Urgent Couriers for documents and parcels up to 65kg or 0.26 cubic meters. This service only requires one working day.

The parcel or courier services are also available for shipping within Ireland and international services from or to any European Union country.

Pallets lets you carry heavier shipments and volume at more advantageous prices, although the transit time is longer.

You can also carry heavy loads with our seafreight container shipping. With a period of approximately one week from Bilbao and 10 to 15 days from Barcelona. Performing the unloading at Dublin’s or Cork‘s Harbour.

For further information about shipping and transportation to or from Ireland, as always you can contact us and we will be happy to answer your queries.



  • Rosalina de Orduña says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing to you because I would like to know the price to transport my belongings (approximately from 25 to 30 kg in two boxes 40x40x30 cm) from Dublin to my city, León, in Spain.

    That price would include the delivery from door to door?

    Yours faithfully,

    Rosalina de Orduña

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