Mexico, America’s Belly Button

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la-luna-shipping-laluna-coop-transporte-internacional-carga-maritimo-aereo-terrestre-freight-sea-air-land-cargo-mexicoThere are places that transcend international pop culture and become commonplace. We like shipping to  Mexico because is a country whose topics have gone so far away from its reality and variety, though this has also become a way of understanding their culture. Mexico, according to some, is the belly button of America. To others, it’s the pinnacle of hispanic culture. Discover Mexico with us. We will tell you what we can offer you for your transportation services to and from America’s navel.
Calling Mexico the belly button of America might be a bit exaggerated, but not too much if we look into the legend of it’s name. Mexico means Navel of the Moon or Navel of the Universe. Mexico is always at the gates of almost any TOP 10. It is the eleventh most populated country in the world, the 14th biggest country and the fourteenth in the world economy. This last one turns the classic image of the lazy man in the Mexican hat on its head.

la-luna-shipping-laluna-coop-transporte-internacional-carga-maritimo-aereo-terrestre-freight-sea-air-land-cargo-mexico-02Mexico covers a huge area between Central America and North America and is considered one of 17 mega-diverse countries because of its varied climates. Even at a cultural level, Mexico holds many surprises because of its long history, traditions and the almost 300 languages spoken in the country.

Economically, Mexico is a country with a very liberal mentality, maintaining only two state-owned companies which control energy sources: Pemex and the Federal Electricity Commission. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on openness with other markets. Mexico is a leader in free trade agreements that include treaties with the United States, Canada, the European Union, EFTA and Japan.

Mexico and transportation

The main infrastructures of Mexico are made for land transportation, but it has a good network of railroads for merchandise. The country also has a large air network and 108 ports, the latter also designated mainly to goods. Its main ports are Veracruz (on the Atlantic coast) and Manzanillo (on the Pacific coast).

la-luna-shipping-laluna-coop-transporte-internacional-carga-maritimo-aereo-terrestre-freight-sea-air-land-cargo-mexico-01The navel of LA LUNA … shipping

Our services shipping to Mexico are mainly aimed at professionals and companies. For individuals we have international document delivery services.

For companies and professionals we offer our full range of logistics and transportation services:

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