New Zealand, a far away paradise

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envios-a-nueva-zelanda-carga-maritima-paqueteria-mensajeria-shipping-to-new-zealand-cargo-freight-sea-air-aerea-DESTACADOShipping to New Zealand may be the furthest corner of the world for most european shipments. In fact, if we take a look at the globe, it’s right across on the other side of the Earth.

We had not made any shipments from or to Auckland until a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, by the same day we had to manage two shipments, one from Malaga to Auckland and the other one from Auckland to Barcelona. It was a very funny coincidence, and it got funnier when the shipments did not meet. The one that was coming to Spain traveled via Los Angeles and New York, while the one sent to New Zealand traveled via London and Singapore.

This shipments and the increasing number of people moving towards New Zealand provided us a great opportunity to talk about this destination.

Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand and, in fact, it is the largest metropolitan area in the entire South Pacific. While country’s capital is Wellington, Auckland is the economic one. Its economy is based on the industrial sector, commercial activities supported internationally by its free trade agreements and a growing financial zone, while the rest of the country has a greater dependence on agriculture and livestock. We must not forget that tourism has boosted off because of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

Great infraestructures make easy shipments to New Zealand

It may not be one of the major logistic points of the world, but Auckland’s harbour is a huge  seafreigh hub, and it is used mainly to export products and raw materials to its South Pacific neighbors and the rest the world. Its free trade agreements contribute to the movement of incoming and outgoing goods. The city also has several airports, some of them are very small, but the main one is used for domestic flights connecting to Australia, several Pacific Islands, United States, East Asia, London and Santiago de Chile.

Our transportation services shipping to New Zealand

LA LUNA shipping® offers you the following services shipping to New Zealand imports and exports:

  • Courier service: In just three days urgent documents and small parcels reach their destination.
  • Parcel Service “economy”, suitable door to door shipment parcel. Any weights or volumes. Shipments arrive in 5/6 days and we include customs clearance service.
  • Airfreight: indicated for urgent cargo services needed to reach your destination in 4/5 working days. In the absence of direct services from your country, it will ship through London and Frankfurt airports.
  • Seafreight: For large shipments not requiring urgency, maritime services are the best. From the port of Barcelona Port of Auckland offers weekly departures with a transit time of approximately 40 days.

On arrival we have started working with CNZ company that will offer our customers all services and support required for their shipments.

We are pleased to reach new destinations. Our services now literally reach the other side of the world. We have achieved a great satisfaction for our two first New Zealand customers.



  • David Arrowsmith says:

    We have approx. 2 cu mtrs of household goods to go from Malaga to Auckland (No weight knowledge at the moment)
    Please let us know if this is possible and an idea of how you charge.

    Urgent please

    • LA LUNA shipping says:

      Hello David,

      Please remember that we don’t move furniture, but boxed personal effects. In this case please send us an email with full details (also weight, number of goods and size of each package) to

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