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Shipping to USA with some tips that may be in other posts, but here you'll find what you frequently ask. We wish that this tips about shipping to USA are useful for all the readers.

Shipping to USA,
what's important

When making a shipping to USA you must take into account that these will be shipments outside the European Union. This means that your boxes, suitcases, containers or pallets will have to go through customs clearance. Now keep that in mind to understand the first tip:


Every shipping to USA from Europe will go through customs clearance, no exceptions. It doesn't matter what shipping and transportation company you use. When shipping to USA it is mandatory that the shipments have the necessary documentation: Invoices (when your shipping your sold items) and pro-forma invoices (when shipping gifts, personal effects, etc.). This documents must include information about the sender and the receiver (National ID, full name,…), and details about the goods and their values before taxes. Without this data, customs will hold back your shipment and will apply taxes according to their standard values. Don't worry about the necessary documents, as we will help you during the whole process and when doing your shipments we will send this documents with the shipping labels. If you are a business, we will inform you of all you need to make a proper invoice.


We've already wrote about forbidden items in our blog. Anyway, these are the forbidden items for individuals' when shipping to USA.

Foods, medicines and dangerous items like sprays, paints and perfumes.


Every shipping to USA is covered by an insurance. This insurance covers up to 20.- EUR per Kg on airfreight. If this is not enough for your items, we offer extra insurances that cover up to 600,000.-EUR.


In LA LUNA shipping® we have a maximal when properly preparing a shipment: wrapping, protection and packaging. If you always do this three steps your items will ship safer. You ave to wrap every item separately, using bubble wrap, paper wrap and others. Then you have to protect the inside of the package by using some filler, but never use clothes. Finally you wrap your high quality packaging with duct tape.

If you need more information about how to prepare your shipments look for other posts in this blog or watch our youtube videos. For any specific questions for special shipments, contact us.

Shipping to USA is one of our most common services and we have a lot of knowledge and experience. Contact us if you require any our our transportation and shipping services or you simply want some answers.

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