Shippings in State of Emergency: Frequently Asked Questions  

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There ar man questions that occur these days due to the State of Emergency decreed by governments all around the world: Can I send antibacterial gel from outside the EU? Are there restrictions on shipments like personal effects? Have shipping rates gone up? We will answer the most frequent in this special post.

What can I send?

Restrictions, as always, depend on the origin and destination of the shipments. We are going to make a quick summary of the usual restrictions, adding those that may have been generated in this alarm state.

National Shipping

There are fewer restrictions on domestic shipments, mainly because they are mostly made by land transport and do not cross borders. So the restrictions go on goods classified as dangerous. Perishable products are also not valid unless transportation services are contracted at regulated temperature.

  • Paint, enamels, gases and aerosols
  • Pyrotechnic materials and firearms or blank
  • Perishable products that require regulated temperature

Shipping within the European Union

In addition to the prohibited items we listed before, we must add others to the following articles:

  • Tobacco and alcoholic beverages
  • Products with installed battery
  • Food without packaging and / or labeling

Shipping to and from outside the European Union

The same restrictions as the previous ones to which we must add:

  • Plant or animal products
  • Medicines

Sanitary hygiene products can be sent, but they must inform the health administrations. This makes shipments of small quantities not economically viable.

Are there destinations or origins vetoed?

Transport is considered an essential activity and, therefore, its operation is permitted in all countries. With the exception of regions of absolute confinement as happened with the Hubei region in China, in the rest of the confined countries, and even in areas with a stricter quarantine, shipments can be made or received, always subject to conditions that may vary according to decisions of the authorities.

Have customs conditions changed?

No, with the exception of the obligation to report on sanitary material that has a greater effect on imports and exports. Customs continues to apply the same tariffs and conditions to any other type of shipment.

Have transit times changed?

In confined areas, transit times may be affected. Within Spain, shipments in the State of Emergency may require a longer time in certain areas. In any case, we will always keep you informed of the status of your shipments.

Have the rates changed?

Additional surcharges are being applied to cover the extraordinary operating expenses in this situation.

Shipments in State of Emergency with LA LUNA shipping

At these times when we are all united in this fight against an unexpected pandemic, we continue to offer our services. In the case of couriers and parcels in Gijón, we have our own contactless delivery protocol under the Coronavirus contingency plan.

So, if you require a national or international courier, parcel or transport service, you can count on us. We appreciate that you follow our instructions to keep our activity safe for everyone. If you have questions or need a budget send an email to or call us.

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