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Sydney-blogA few weeks ago we told you about a far far away destination. A destination on the other side of the world. This week we travel to the antipodes and we talk about Oceania’s largest city, Sydney.

The great cosmopolitan center of Australia is located in the eastern area of ​​the island, in the state of New South Wales. Over 4 million inhabitants in the oldest city ofvthe former British colony.

Sydney is the second city in the southern hemisphere that has organized the Summer Olympic Games, right at the start of the millennium. This city is not only the largest and most populated city in Australia, it is also the financial capital of Australia. Sydney generates 25% of the GDP of the entire country, a great economic engine that has grown from manufacturing, information and creative industries. The famous Fox media group has a film studio in the city. And hosts 90 banks and one of the most important options market in the world.

If you’re planning on moving to Australia we do recommend you to contact Rysher Migration Services, who will assist and support you in your autralian VISA process.

Like any city that has grown around a large harbour, its logistics sector is very important. The manufactures are moving in the south and west of a huge natural bay. This bay is known for becoming one of the most beautiful ports in the world with a famous sight: the Sydney Bridge next to the opera house, two large engineering works.

LA LUNA shipping® offers the following shipping services between Spain and the antipodes, ie Australia:

  • Courier service which only takes two, or sometimes three days for shipments urgent documents and small parcels to reach the hands of the receiver.
  • Parcel “economy” Service, suitable for door to door shipment parcel of any weight and volume. It takes 5/6 working days in which we include customs clearance service.
  • Airfreight: indicated for urgent cargo services needed to reach your destination in 4/5 working days. In the absence of direct services from Spain, it ships via London and Frankfurt.
  • Shipping Service: For large shipments by weight and volume, not requiring emergency. Maritime service from the port of Barcelona to Sydney Harbour with weekly departures, some direct and some with transshipment in Singapore. Transit time of approximately 40 days.

The Sydney Customs Service and quarantine services are very strict.

We are proud and pleased to offer our customers the possibility to use our services anywhere in the world. In Australia there is a growing foreigner community and we want to approach them home as possible, so that although they are in the happiest country in the world, also sit closer to who makes them happy.



  • Jennifer Scherman says:

    Hi, I am currently living in Madrid and would like to send a duffle bag with mainly clothes back to Australia. The weight is approx, 7 kg and dimensions roughly 56x35x35.
    Could you give an estimated cost to ship this bag back? It is not priority so shipping by sea is acceptable.
    Thank you!

    • LA LUNA shipping says:

      Good afternoon Jennifer,
      Welcome to our blog, we’re glad you contacted us. We will give you the information and quotation you request by e-mail.
      But first we’d like to recommend you on using a cardboard box instead of the bag (or send the bag inside the box), so the bag won’t get damaged in its way to Australia we have some tips here.

      Thanks to you.

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