Simple and affordable shipping by boat

By 13 November, 2014July 23rd, 2019Company, Logistics, Seafreight, Shipping

There are shipments that because of their destinations and conditions can be very expensive or complicated for an individual. For example, shipments to New Zealand are quite cheap, but in the opposite direction, from New Zealand to Spain, the story changes. To avoid that a shipment of these characteristics is expensive, the option of grouping your shipment with other people is the most recommended. This is called grupaje and is a very common method of transport, especially in small exports, imports and it is very suitable for shipping by boat in a simpler and cheaper way.

Grupaje, also called consolidation by type of shipment, is the practice of combining shipments of different customers or charges in only one to save costs. It is a highly demanded mode of freight transport, especially in international maritime transport, where the price difference between filling a container or not is very high. That is why it is one of the most advisable practices for shipments by boat.

Grouping shipments is especially practical at the time when the destinations of the shipments coincide, with origin and destination in the same ports. If we take as an example the shipment to New Zealand, grouping together the different individual shipments with a group of people that need the same transport, it will result in a better volume / price ratio. With which your material will return through a cheaper price and safely.

There are agents and companies that are dedicated exclusively to reserve spaces in air, sea and land cargo transport and then offer it to customers at a better price. These figures are called groupers (freight consolidators), consolidators or air cargo agents. These professionals do not usually offer their services to final customers, but they work for transportation companies or freight forwarders like us.

In LA LUNA shipping® we can help you when managing a shipment by boat from the moment you set it. We take care of:

In addition, we are also in contact with the main shipping companies and agents with whom to negotiate the best freights for our clients. Facilitating this option so convenient for shipments to / from America, Asia, Australia or New Zealand and even to places as close as Malta, among many other examples.

If you have questions about how to make a shipment by boat and how shipments by boat can get cheaper or you want to consult the services we offer, contact us by phone at 985 353 331 or by email at, remember that we are also at your disposal in London and New York with focus in Spanish.

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