State of Emergency freight: Frequently Asked Questions

carga-en-estado-de-alarma-state-of-emergency-freight-cargoThere are many questions that occur these days due to the State of Emergency. Especially in the international cargo, import and export transportation sector. We will answer the most frequently asked questions about State of Emergency freight in this special post.

What are the restrictions on State of Emergency freight?

Export or import restrictions are all related to the most important sanitary and hygiene products for the fight against the pandemic. Masks or respirators, among others, cannot be imported without informing the authorities that they will have these products if the shipment is not directed to public institutions.

Are there destinations or origins vetoed?

Transportation is an essential activity in all countries and its operation is permitted. There are a few exceptions counted such as the Hubei region of China, where a complete closure was decreed. In the rest of the countries with containment measures, loads can be made or received.

Have customs conditions changed?

No, with the exception of the obligation to report on sanitary material that is available to the authorities, no. Customs continues to apply the same tariffs and conditions to any other type of shipment.

Can I continue to import or export as a company?

Yes, you can still, although your activity is not essential, logistics can.

Have transit times changed?

Due to the low supply available caused by the decrease of the capacity and operations, it may take longer to get slots in air or sea freight.

Have the rates changed?

Additional surcharges are being applied to cover extraordinary operating expenses in this situation for parcel and distribution shipments.

Regarding large volumes, there is a high pressure in shipments by air cargo due to its speed, these are being used mainly for loading medical equipment between countries. In addition, most commercial flights have been canceled or have a minimum frequency, this implies that there is less cargo capacity as fewer planes are available. So, in air-freight, the answer is yes, the rates have risen quite a bit.

The rest of the media maintain similar rates. But this situation can change very easily.

Our State of Emergency freight services

We continue to offer our services and, now more than ever, the advice you need for your loads, imports, exports and customs clearance. If you have questions or want a quote send us an email to or Call us.

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