A suitcase's journey: shipping suitcases to and from London

One of the reasons travellers contact transportation companies is because they need us to ship their suitcases and personal effects.

For example, today we have been british tourit's shipping suitcases from London to Madrid.

So here you will find some tips and recommendations from LA LUNA shipping® if your thinking about shipping suitcases.


"Let's Go" Travel Guide points that the most effective way to prepare the luggage is put in the suitcase or backpack everything you think is needed, remove half and get double the money. While this advice relieves the weight of luggage, in these times, it is easier to reduce luggage than to increase the budget 😉

The weight is a matter to be taken into account, since the bags have limited capacity and resistance. If you've had to sit on it to close the suitcase is quite possible that won't stand the whole journey and... boom! Remember, 99% of world messengers doesn't have as a hobby lifting weights or stones, so they could not move the bag if it weighs more than 23kg. Always is better to send 2 bags of 20Kg. Than one of 40kg.

It is important to label each bag with the sender and receiver. Labels should be written in black on white on paper and with good calligraphy, or even better, printed!

The packaging

The reasons why a transport company recommends using resistant corrugated cardboard boxes are:

  1. Suitcases: if you use suitcases as the package, be aware that it will be at risk during the process. In these cases insurance does not cover damage because it is considered that the case is to protect the inner content and this is precisely which aims to arrive in perfect condition. If you eventually have no choice but to send the suitcase, it must be very well protected.
  2. Backpacks: sports bags and travel bags are soft and flexible surfaces, so they can not stick labels identifying bar codes, which ensure safe delivery.

Now you understand why many transport companies refuse collection if the luggage is not properly packed in cardboard boxes.

The trip

It all starts when the driver of the chosen transportation company goes to pick up the suitcase in London. He verifies that it is completely closed and that it is suitable for transport. Otherwise he shall inform the deficiencies found and even may reject the case for transport. It is quite common also to continue picking up and delivering packages from other customers, on average about 70 a day, so it is likely that in our example the suitcase has many companions like other packages and luggage. This means that during the first step the package has already encountered freight movements and some packages from falling over others.

The first driver will deliver all the packages he has collected in the company premises, where bar codes are scanned and documented to select and organize how this journey continues.

In the following step our luggage is going to be palletized with other goods and loaded into the truck. This truck makes a first journey from London to Paris where the pallet traveling will be transhipped to another truck that carries the route between Paris and Madrid.

Two days later our truck will hit Coslada, the place where the carrier has its facilities. In Costlada all packets pass through a system of automatic classification and will be charged on the delivery van courier for a delivery to Madrid. (These automatic classification systems using tapes have sometimes jumps up to 40 cm, so that is another good reason to ensure proper protection when packaging).

The reception

In the final stage of the journey the suitcase will be in a similar van to the one used during the pick up, happily arriving there four days after being collected in central London.

If any damage at the time of delivery is observed it must be noted on the delivery receipt and keep a copy in order to make the claim that may apply. The process of claim submissions will be the subject of another post :-).

So now you know, if you want safety and comfort shipping your suitcases or bags using transport companies is the best way. We have much experience in shipping suitcases and luggage to and from London or from Madrid. Remember LA LUNA shipping® is at your service in London on phone 0207 138 1094 and email or you can contact us through other contacts.


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  1. Hello,

    I'm interested in getting a quote to move from Barcelona to Leamington Spa.

    Apparently we have approx 330 Cu Ft of furniture.

    Look forward to your reply!


      1. Hey Olivia,

        Don't worry. Anyway, of you're asking for a service please get in contact with us by email at

        Best Regards,

        LA LUNA shipping® team


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