A wide selection of the most frequent questions we are made, we hope it is useful for you, if your question is not found between the ones shown, please contact us.

asking for quotation

How do I contact or ask for a service to LA LUNA shipping®?

To ask for any of our services you can call to our phone numbers:

Spain: +34 985 35 33 31
USA: +1 (347) 293 1802
UK: +44 0207 138 1094

You can also send us an e-mail to info@laluna.coop, we will answer you in less than 24 hours.

What information do I need to ask for a shipping budget?

In order to give you the best and most accurate budget, we require this information:

  • Complete delivery and pickup addresses.
  • Number of packages
  • Size of every package in this format (XX x XX x XX).
  • Weight of every package.
  • Contents.

If you give us all this information, we will be able to send you the best budget for your shipment requirements.

If you have a wide number of packages to send, we provide you an Excel template to help make the job easier. You can download it through this link.

Why do I must declare my contents?

Because there are many things that are not allowed to ship, either in a national or international transport. In the case that any of the articles can’t be legally shipped, we will indicate it to you so it is not included in the package.

What addresses’ information should I facilitate?

We recommend that the information for pickup and delivery addresses it’s as complete as possible. It should contain the type of street, number and apartment, and so any other information that can be useful. For example, give the number of a student’s residence. In Italy or Germany send the family’s name that is shown on the doorbell.

We also recommend checking if doorbell works, in order to prevent pickup issues.

How should I pack up my shipment?

If you doubt in order to send it in packages or in a suitcase, we greatly recommend that you do in cardboard boxes as we tell as advice in our blog. Cardboard boxes are the best ones; they are tough and add very few weight or size to your articles. If you have to send fragile contents, there are special cardboards at Internet or you can use bubble wrap.

The box contains fragile contents. Will they break?

There won’t be any problems as long they are properly packed. You must protect every single fragile item on its own inside of the package. If you don’t follow these instructions we won’t be able to guarantee your packages to arrive in good shape. Don’t put too much weight in a box, it can break.

I am sending important documents (notes, certificates and paperwork that must not miss), will they arrive?

Yes, they will. We will use a special courier service for documentation.

Do you insure the shipments?

All shipments are covered by agreement or legislation marked regulated transportation (LOTT, CMR, Warsaw Convention, Hamburg Rules…). Also depending on the type of articles, source or destination you can hire an extra insurance for the goods.

Why don’t the messengers call before pickup or delivery?

That’s because messenger’s job is to pick up and deliver shipments not phone. If you have correctly given pickup and delivery addresses, no problems should happen. The use of the phone is there to manage any incident. Premium and direct services include phone alert.

Anyway, we will always pickup or deliver on the requested day.

Is it important to put the labels on the packages?

Yes it is. The law says that the sender is responsible of properly labelling the package he’s going to send. Clearly state sender and receiver data.

Any packing recommendations?

Use resistant quality cardboard boxes. Avoid using thin cardboard. We don’t recommend using boxes bigger than this: 60x40x40cm, and do not exceed the 25kg weight per package. Remember that messengers are not weight lifters.

What is cheaper, one big box or many small ones?

We recommend sending small boxes because they are handy, in the end the billing depends on the TOTAL weight and volume of the shipment.

Do you open the packages?

All shipments are scanned, if any unfamiliar or not permitted item is found, the shipment is stopped and the package opened to examine it. All transportation enterprises have the right to inspect all packages.


How long the customs clearance process can take before the shipment is released?

It depends on the destination customs clearance office. The regular time is one or two days, but it can take up to 15 or even a month.

Must I fill in the Content Declaration with all the exact contents?

If you do an International shipment at the European Union, yes. Content Declaration must be exactly the same as the Customs Declaration.

Are the shipments opened at Customs Offices?

Only when a Customs inspector asks for it.

Why do I have to pay at Customs Office?

It depends on the contents you are importing. Every country has an established fee of duties and taxes. Some items do not pay, like personal effects as long as they are under the specific laws.


What services does LA LUNA shipping® offer?

We offer urgent delivery courier and transportation services at a national and international level. We operate in all ways of transport: land freight, sea freight and air freight.

At urban environments we offer ecological courier services thanks to our bicimensajeros® (bike couriers), which gives added value.

We offer different services for documentation shipments, small packages and heavy loads at a national and international level.

Who do I have to contact if a guaranteed time shipment has not been delivered?

Contact Ana Pérez or Ramón Fernández through our dispatching department at our phone numbers or sending an e-mail to: trafico@laluna.coop. They will take care of everything and will contact you back with all the information of your delivery.


What are opening hours?

Customer service hours are Monday through Friday (except on holidays) from 8:00 to 19:00 hours (GMT+1). Messengers work from 9:00 to 15:00 and 16:00 to 19:00 h (GMT +1).

Can I request a shipment outside opening hours?

You can request it by email info@laluna.coop as soon we receive your message, we will contact you to confirm details and manage the shipment within normal hours.

Can I apply for a service to be performed outside the opening hours?

Yes, services outside usual opening hours are done on request and confirmation of at least 24 hours. They are subject to availability and special rates.

I do the tracking of a shipment outside opening hours?

Of course, this service is always available upon request, at the time of request your shipment we will inform you of all the available options.

What are the deadline times for each type of shipment?

To ensure the proper performance of provincial, national and international shipments there are established limit hours to receive your call and in this way ensure pick-ups and deliveries at the scheduled time.

• International shipments:

«Global Shipping» Service, next day delivery, deadline for requests is 13:15 hours. Rest of deliveries until 18:00 hours (GMT+1).

Land freight or combined «Shipping Europe» Service and «Shipping Economy» time deadline for requests is 18:00 hours (GMT+1).

Remember that our special and direct services are available every day without any time restriction.

What if I call at 13:45(GMT+1) for a «Global Shipping» international shipping?

If we receive your call after request deadline hours, we can not guarantee your shipment on time collection and therefore, delivery. For «Global Shipping» may require 12 additional hours for delivery, in these cases, all rates are adapted.

Remember that our special services are available every day without any time restriction.

about LA LUNA shipping®

What is LA LUNA shipping®?

LA LUNA shipping® is a courier and transportation service offered by LA LUNA Gestión de Servicios Sociedad Cooperativa registered in Gijón, Spain and with offices in Oviedo and Barcelona. LA LUNA shipping® has proven experience and efficiency in the management of international transport and express delivery services. Since LA LUNA shipping® was founded our interests in social economy, ecological services and sustainable management of resources has been integrated and promoted in every service.

What are tax and identification information of LA LUNA shipping®?

La Luna Gestión de Servicios, S.Coop.
Address: C/ Teodoro Cuesta 12 – 33207 Gijón
Tax Id: (ES) – F33862996

Cooperative registered at Registro de Cooperativas del Principado de Asturias, Tomo 8, Folio 12, asiento 1, with number 33/O -707

Transport Operators Card: 11771901-1

Issued by the Transport Department of the Government of Principality of Asturias.

How are shipments managed to and from other cities?

All shipments to and from other cities than Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés, go through our national and international agents network. Thanks to them we can pick up or deliver a shipment anywhere in Spain, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and East Asia in less than 24h.

Deliveries are done by bike couriers or by other ecological vehicles when available.

Who do I have to talk to if I want to make a claim about the service or personal?

Contact Ignacio Menéndez at our phone numbers or by e-mail and he will personally manage your request.