Sea freight from Gijón's Port


You can find our principal offices in Gijón, though we also have logistics facilities in the Barcelona logistic area in the harbour. But it's from Gijón that we coordinate most of our transports that we organize to anywhere in the world. Whether its by land, sea or air, all our transports come through our office at Teodoro Cuesta st. 12, Gijón.


Moving with furniture, sure you want to ship it?


At LA LUNA shipping® we like to offer shipping services for anything you need. But sometimes we can't offer certain shipments because of what has to be moved, like the furniture. For example, there are many banned items for shipping (link in Spanish) and others that require very special conditions, and even sometimes we can't reach certain countries. We always look for a solution, but there's a certain kind of shipments that we don't do because of the following reasons...