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Transportation of motorcycles, we make it easy for you

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At LA LUNA shipping® we do not only deliver parcels or suitcases, we also ship all types of vehicles, from bicycles to luxury cars, and this without including all the distribution, advisory and logistics services. If there is a service in which customers are often very demanding, it is in the transport of motorcycles. The bikers who want to take their bikes to where they move or travel have them in very high esteem. That is why we want to tell how motorcycles are transported. Read More

Globalizing your company: keep shipments in mind

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Globalizing your company is as exciting as it is confusing and complex.

There are many emerging doubts about the process, ones that should be answered, whether about production, communication or, in our case, logistics and distribution.

At LA LUNA shipping® we have worked with relevant internationalization projects. For example, we collaborate in the initial distribution and later in the sales logistics of Riot Cinema Collective’s “El Cosmonaut” and on the other with Studio Banana Things® distributing worldwide its successful and strange “Ostrich Pillow®”

If you want to know how they were able to logically manage their success, keep reading:

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Prepare your shipment well

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We know that this is a very complicated topic, but it is very important to pay attention to all the details when preparing your shipment correctly. We all want this important shipment to arrive in perfect condition and there are always some new tricks, for example, to include a shipping label inside the box. This will be very useful in case the labels fall out of the box, as it will help us to identify it and to put it back on the way to its destination. Read More

Shipping luggage: it is possible but there are better options

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Maletas-blogIn this blog we have already told you how to ask for a budget and how to pack up and protect a shipment, so now it is time to tell you something about shipping luggage. We always recommend boxes instead of suitcases, because of its numerous advantages already recollected by us in other blog posts. Nevertheless, we know that now it is the time for Holidays, long trips and returns with unexpected luggage, so we understand that, sometimes it is inevitable to ship a suitcase, so that is why we are doing this special post about shipping luggage.
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