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Transportation of motorcycles, we make it easy for you

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At LA LUNA shipping® we do not only deliver parcels or suitcases, we also ship all types of vehicles, from bicycles to luxury cars, and this without including all the distribution, advisory and logistics services. If there is a service in which customers are often very demanding, it is in the transport of motorcycles. The bikers who want to take their bikes to where they move or travel have them in very high esteem. That is why we want to tell how motorcycles are transported. Read More

The horror of hidden import expenses

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la-luna-shipping-gastos-importacion-ocultos-realidad-partner-socio-gestion-integral-responsabilidadSurely more than one company has heard about ghost stories in custom houses about hidden expenses in import and export. Actually, there is nothing to fear about that because there are no hidden costs but ignored ones. If, from an economic point of view, import or export makes sense for you company, doing so is only a matter of taking into account all the posibilites and having good information either internally or externally.

This are some of those wrongly called hidden importation costs that you should always consider in your operations. Read More

Exporting outside EU is easy

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exportar-exportacion-export-international-internacional-fuera-out-ue-eu-european-union-01Are you thinking about exporting outside the European Union?

European Union treaties grant free circulation of most goods inside member countries borders. For practical purposes, this is like if there were no borders between member states, which makes it easier and quicker for international trade and transportation. This may be the reason behind the appearance of complication that lies in exportations outside the EU area, because every shipment and every country must be considered differently. This are some of the issues you must pay attention to when thinking about exporting outside the European Union. Read More

When you’re moving abroad: Personal Effects Shipment

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manualembalaje-blogYou are moving, either within the country or abroad, so you have to select and prepare everything that you will carry. Chances are that you go rent flat available with furniture and appliances, or that you prefer to buy them once you arrive. But how should you bring everything else? Clothes, books, vinyl collection, storage, bike maybe, etc. Too much to carry as baggage and too little to call a moving company. And thinking about how much a shipment like this will cost at customs office. Well if you are in a similar situation, even if you want to return to your country after living in another one, read on, as we will explain how to do a Personal Effects Shipment.
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From Prague to Barcelona, an Erasmus story

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Elisenda-blogMay people from all over the world come to LA LUNA shipping® asking to manage their shipments and logistical needs. From very simple to complex deliveries. Including many Erasmus students. Today we invite you to read about the experience of Elisenda, a Media and Communication student at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She was an Erasmus last year in the Czech Republic. Read More

Weekly Destination: Ireland

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irlandadestino-blogSailing from the Cantabrian Sea towards the north, we find a large island dominated by the green. We mean the land of the Celts, a small country with a spotty recent history closely linked to economic swings. And nowadays a major destination for many Spanish. Welcome to Ireland, which from its resemblance could compare with Asturias, the country of the dark beer, the leprechauns and the four leaf clovers. Read More