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Erasmus shippings FAQ

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We do many shipments for Erasmus students around Europe. Somehow we become a nexus between them and their families, friends and, of course, favourite meals. And we also like to help when they embark on their adventure with excess baggage. If you cannot check it in, you can always ship it with us. Behind all these Erasmus shipments there are lots of stories, some we imagine, others that they tell us. But before them, there are many questions. Read More

Packaging for distribution of Crowdfunding Projects

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crowdfunding-packagingYes, we already spoke a little bit about packaging for Crowdfunding projects in our first blog post about Crowdfunding. But we’ve always considered important to dig deeper into each topic so everything is crystal clear. The best way to give advice is not only say it, is to argue it. Throughout these years in the blog we have given special importance to packaging nad wrapping. So, if you’re preparing a crowdfunding project, keep reading and we will help you reach your backers with their deserved rewards in perfect conditions.
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