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From Prague to Barcelona, an Erasmus story

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Elisenda-blogMay people from all over the world come to LA LUNA shipping® asking to manage their shipments and logistical needs. From very simple to complex deliveries. Including many Erasmus students. Today we invite you to read about the experience of Elisenda, a Media and Communication student at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She was an Erasmus last year in the Czech Republic. Read More

New Zealand, a far away paradise

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NZ-blogNew Zealand may be the furthest corner of the world for most europeans. In fact, if we take a look at the globe, it’s right across on the other side of the Earth.

We had not made any shipments from or to Auckland until a couple of months ago. Surprisingly, by the same day we had to manage two shipments, one from Malaga to Auckland and the other one from Auckland to Barcelona. It was a very funny coincidence, and it got funnier when the shipments did not meet. The one that was coming to Spain traveled via Los Angeles and New York, while the one sent to New Zealand traveled via London and Singapore.

This shipments and the increasing number of people moving towards New Zealand provided us a great opportunity to talk about this destination. Read More