The horror of hidden import expenses

By 7 October, 2015January 17th, 2016Company, Seafreight, Shipping

la-luna-shipping-gastos-importacion-ocultos-realidad-partner-socio-gestion-integral-responsabilidadSurely more than one company has heard about ghost stories in custom houses about hidden expenses in import and export. Actually, there is nothing to fear about that because there are no hidden costs but ignored ones. If, from an economic point of view, import or export makes sense for you company, doing so is only a matter of taking into account all the posibilites and having good information either internally or externally.

This are some of those wrongly called hidden importation costs that you should always consider in your operations.


Legal requirements and paperwork to allow the entrance of each good in every country are known and published. If that was not the case, those formalities are known by the professionals in the field thanks to their experience. Not accomplishing requirements or wrong procedures can be really serious, because your shipment can be retained in the customs house, which may increase the cost of it. And were not only talking about delays, we say this because the customs house will charge you for every day your shipment spends there. This is wrongly considered one of the greatest hidden expenses in import and export. But the costs were there and a skilled customs agent with expertise in similar procedures will show them to you quickly and transparently.

In-between transportation

Nowadays anyone can coordinate a shipment between two big infrastructures, for example, the international airports in Madrid and Barcelona. But, of course, destinations are never there. Maybe the goods we are shipping have to go from an industrial zone to a dowtown warehouse or maybe there is a part of the route that can be made by train as it may be more profitable or sustainable.

It would be a topic to say that the secret to minimize importation expenses is minding details, but there is no such a secret: every move must be planned carefully and every conveyance change has to be coordinated and second options must be considered, if things did not come out as expected.


All the information about rates that are charged to every importation and exportation is quite complex to manage. There are more than 200 countries in the world each one with their own laws or common practices for every kind of good. The are a lot of possible combinations and, in addition they are changing. That’s why you need a partner with experience to inform you on time but also you need somebody constantly in touch with the industry to notice as soon os possible every single legal change you have to accomplish.

Extraordinary expenses

Of course, the unexpected is out there: an inspection at the customs house on destination or a possible accident can generate unpredicted importation expenses. However, integrated management, applicable insurance and good practices always reduce risks and allow to quickly find any mistake in the supply chain.

To sum up: ghosts don’t exist and neither do hidden importation expenses. There is something to remember: unpredicted costs due to lack of professionalism or any other reason. So, as we always say, the key in every logistic movement in your company must be a good partner you can rely on long term. Of course, at LA LUNA shipping® we are willing to become that partner.

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