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At LA LUNA shipping® we do not only deliver parcels or suitcases, we also ship all types of vehicles, from bicycles to luxury cars, and this without including all the distribution, advisory and logistics services. If there is a service in which customers are often very demanding, it is in the transport of motorcycles. The bikers who want to take their bikes to where they move or travel have them in very high esteem. That is why we want to tell how motorcycles are transported.

In the transportation of motorcycles, safety is the first thing

First of all, it is always important to remember that in transportation there are a number of prohibited items or certain restrictions for security reasons. Among the restricted items are batteries of all kinds. Any device or vehicle that has a battery must be removed before transporting, as they may explode.

In addition, precautions must be taken during the process. It is very important to wear gloves, a helmet and shoes with a metal tip. Preparing a motorcycle for a shipment is not as simple as sending a package, so all prevention measures are important.

Wooden box, essential for the transportation of motorcycles

The bikes do not go on pallets and that’s it, you have to protect them properly for transport and that is done with wooden boxes. These boxes must be built based on measurements, since the ones that are usually used to transport motorcycles to dealers are disassembled by pieces and do not usually fit whole.

Keep in mind that the wood you use must be previously fumigated with a heat treatment that raises the temperature to eliminate any pest. Therefore, it is necessary that the wood of the box carries a phytosanitary certificate of UHT treatment. Without this certificate the customs can stop the shipment, leave it in quarantine or return it.

Finally, we will have to strap the bike to the box, protecting the most delicate parts and ensuring that it is properly placed and fixed. Once strapped, the wooden box is completely closed.

Follow this video in which we prepare a motorcycle for transport.


Passage through customs of transport of motorcycles

If you plan to travel very far with your motorcycle, for example, travel Route 66 in the United States, or travel through Australia, New Zealand or even South Africa, keep in mind that you will have to go through the customs of the countries you visit and certainly will not be very fun having to pay taxes and fees. That is why at LA LUNA shipping® we will advise and guide you through the entire process to make the passage through customs something simple and affordable. For this, we recommend you plan the trip with enough time.

If you need a motorcycle transport service in LA LUNA shipping® we offer you complete advice throughout the process. If you need, you can also leave the bike in our hands so that we can prepare the whole shipment. Remember that in addition to packaging you have to prepare a bike check.

If you have any questions, concerns or budget regarding the transportation of motorcycles or any other transportation and logistics service, contact us by email at or call us.


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