When the courier knocks at your door…

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recogida-blogWe have already spoken about the previous steps to ship your documents or packages. We also wrote a couple of special posts: sending suitcases and protecting your fragile items. Now that you have properly requested a quotation and after wrapping and protecting your fragile items, the most awaited moment arrives, the pick up. It is one of the most important processes in shipments so you must consider a few tips to make this quick and efficient.

This is the step when you leave your shipment in hands of the shipping company. You must take into account a series of recommendations to make picking up simple, fast and effective.First, be aware of the time, unless you asked for a special service, the pick up schedule is during the delivery path: from 9am to 6pm. As it is a very broad schedule you must be available during the day.

We always recommend to leave the package at some retail store, hotel or any company that has a wide opening time. If possible you can also leave it in the hands of a receptionist. If you leave it to someone else or to a local/reception, you must give their contact details to expedite the pick up. Detail all information from pick up point: if it is a commercial add the name of it and in the case of complex addresses like university campus, residences…). Guide the messenger as you would do with anyone else. Although it may seem like too much information, it never is.

Make sure the bell at the pick up point works properly. If the messenger goes rings the bell but no one answers, he will leave a note and continue his delivery route. Remember: messengers pick up and deliver shipments during their rout and don’t have time to call. He won’t call unless he thinks it’s strictly necessary. Calls are usually done by the traffic office that coordinates the work.

All companies make deliveries and pick ups during the day and it is likely that the company you hire will contact a local one that does it. So give a margin of two business days for your picking up. There are many reasons why a messenger may delay and that are beyond his control (traffic jams from accidents, traffic restrictions, weather, etc.). Hire a special urgency service if you can’t have so much time.

Keep in mind all these tips and recommendations and your pick ups will be a success. If you have any questions or want to check for a shipping, send us an email or call us.


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