Why do shipping rates not show up online?

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la-luna-transporte-internacional-logistica-distribucion-aduanas-despachos-mensajeria-paqueteria-tarifas-web-precios-servicio-calidad-laluna.coopWe’ve gotten several questions on our social networks, by email and through comments on this blog requesting a list of rates for any and all types of shipment. It’s very common for someone to request an open system that calculates the price of any shipment. Today, we’ve decided to explain why such information isn’t available. If you’re curious as to why, read on.

Flexible and personal shipping rates

Yes, it’s true that shipping rates are offered for certain standardized services such as national parcels, etc. However, in the world of transportation, rates are continuously updated. Sometimes you can offer something more economical and other times the customer must assume more costs.

In addition, as a transportation agency, we have contacts with several suppliers. This makes it more difficult to give a single price for each service, since they’re rates we often have to consult. Some shipments usually done with one supplier may end up cheaper for the customer through a different supplier.


Only seeing shipping rates won’t tell you the quality of service

When a person contacts us, whether by e-mail or by phone, we give a completely personalized service offering all the information you need at that precise moment. This is why, most times, someone calling with a budget query becomes a regular customer.

On the other hand, if you only see shipping rates you may not know the service behind those rates. We give added value to each shipment thanks to our personalized follow-up, our 21 years of experience in the sector, our social and environmental awareness and our commitment of responsibility to the customer and suppliers.

If you’re only looking only price, you might be interested in seeing the rates of shipments at that moment. If you’re looking for a national or international transport service that offers you advice, reliability and solutions for incidents that may occur, contact the company that will give you such a service.

At LA LUNA shipping® we give priority to the quality of our transport services instead of our prices. Of course, we make sure our customers also have economic options for their shipments. If you want to know our shipping rates and check the quality of our services, contact us by email or phone.

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